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Small Incision Cataract surgery has been recognized worldwide as a viable and equitable alternative to phacoemulsification for cataract surgery in resource-constrained areas.

Interactive Room

Trainees can utilise this option to interact with trainers and experts in the field of Small incision Cataract surgery


Matching Program

It is a matching program designed to help new ophthalmologists in refining their surgical skills by helping them in procuring available slots in the eye institutes around the country

Message from the founder chairman

Our main aim  is to create a digital learning platform for ophthalmologists worldwide with main focus towards manual small incision cataract surgery. In our quest to attain this, we are introducing our e-learning platform called I-coach. we also would be introducing platforms like interactive rooms where you can actively discuss on your surgical videos. No surgical education is complete, with out hands on experience. We would take this further by introducing a matching program where interested surgeons can be allotted seats in certified training institutes.

New Courses

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